Ramadan Meal Plan for Healthy Adults

Let me start off by saying meal plans are a funny thing – you have the ones that you make in your head at the start of every morning (“I’ll have cereal and fruit for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, and tacos for dinner!”) but there are also the ones you find online that are geared towards planning out your week well in advance. 

That sort of long-term planning comes in handy most of the time but is especially important during Ramadan. Fasting for so many hours of the day means you might not have the energy to prepare intricate meals leading up to iftar (the meal you have when breaking your fast). Coupled with how tired most of us feel at suhoor (the pre-dawn meal that prepares you for fasting) it’s no wonder meal planning has become essential for many families. 

Amana Nutrition’s Ramadan Meal Plan aims to help healthy adults plan what meals and snacks they should have at suhoor, iftar, and other times during non-fasting hours. It is by no means a prescription for healthy eating, but instead a guide to help you determine what times it would be best to have food and drink so you can stay fuller for longer during the fast and make sure you’re not missing out on important nutrients along the way 😉. Remember that living with certain conditions such as heart disease and diabetes means you need to make some modifications to your diet, so talk to your doctor and work with a Registered Dietitian (such as myself!) to plan what you should be eating during Ramadan and outside of it.

The meal plan features foods from traditionally Arab, East African, North American, and South Asian cuisines to ensure you’re not missing out on staying true to your cultural backgrounds. Better yet, try foods that you might not be familiar with as well and let Ramadan be a time of culinary exploration 🌟.

Have recommendations for foods that you’d like to see on next year’s Ramadan Meal Plan or my Instagram? Shoot me an email and I’ll get working on it 😊.

Ramadan Mubarak,


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